Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard University provide a dynamic environment for academic innovation.  The Center for Faculty Development & Diversity collaborates to provide training and education to prepare faculty and trainees to successfully navigate the pathway from scientific discovery to healthcare innovation.

Our collaborators include:

Brigham Research Institute (BRI)
The BRI functions to accelerate the pace of scientific discovery at BWH by fostering collaboration, increasing the research community’s visibility, facilitating communication and working to diversify the research funding portfolio. BRI activities are targeted at fostering groundbreaking, interdisciplinary research both internally as well as with external partners such as biopharma, increasing the visibility of the research enterprise at BWH, fundraising to support innovative research and assessing/responding to other needs of the research community. To this end, the BRI hosts between eight and twelve events each month, sponsors internal requests for proposals and has developed and continues to develop infrastructure (research services, cores, communication) to serve the BWH research community. Recently, the BRI convened an external Scientific Advisory Board, comprising a half a dozen individuals with experience in academia, industry and finance. This group has identified training the next generation of translational researchers and developing an entrepreneurial environment as priorities for BWH moving forward.

Brigham Innovation Hub (iHub)
A resource center for Brigham’s first-time and experienced innovators. The iHub helps turn breakthrough concepts, inventions and research by Brigham clinicians, scientists, and employees into products and services to benefit patients and improve care delivery. Services include idea development/evaluation through innovation facilitation; active project management; collaborations; commercialization strategy and business planning.

Boston Biomedical Innovation Center (B-BIC)
One of the NIH Centers for Accelerated Innovation to create an integrated infrastructure to improve the translation of early stage biomedical innovations into commercially viable products. B-BIC provides funding for studies aimed at technology development and translational research and is currently focused on technologies aimed at improving patient care in heart, lung, blood, and sleep disorders:

  • B-BIC offers pilot grants up to $50,000 to support direct costs for one year.  Pilot projects may include feasibility studies as well as experiments to test the reproducibility of hypothesis-driven research with a goal of developing the commercial value of the technology.
  • B-BIC DRIVE grantsprovide up to $200,000 for direct costs, with significant involvement from the Center, to support milestone-based projects. DRIVE projects may take 18 – 24 months and are expected to include proof-of-value and validation studies for commercial translation of the technology.

Global Educators Network for HealthCare Innovation and Education (GENIE) Group
Educational partnership represents global academic, institutions, professional organizations and healthcare consultancies to improve global healthcare.
Harvard Innovation Lab (i-lab)
A resource for students from across Harvard interested in entrepreneurship and innovation. Foundational Learning as the educational entry point for exploring entrepreneurship and innovation. This includes the faculty-led Harvard courses focused on innovation and entrepreneurship taught in the i-lab classroom, and includes a repository of skill-based workshop and seminar videos, presentation materials and guides.

HBS Executive Ed Entrepreneurship Curriculum
Leading Product Innovation.

Mass Bio Ed
The Massachusetts Biotechnology Council (MassBio), educational foundation supports science and biotechnology education in Massachusetts through educational programs, workforce development, and lifelong learning. Bench to Biotech events provide postdoctoral fellows information and experience on careers in research in the industry. Postdocs can spend half a day at a local biotech company to learn about career opportunities, how to transition from academia to industry, and experience the company’s culture.

Partners HealthCare Innovation
Partner with investigators, scientists and clinicians to translate new medical technology into healthcare practice via a variety of business channels. Committed to a creative, solutions-oriented approach to licensing, ventures and research that delivers opportunities to improve patient care around the world.

WEST Advancing Women in the Enterprise of Science and Technology
Provides a forum for women in science and technology industries to network and share information about career advancement and skill development.