Please find below details regarding the application process for the BWH Faculty Scholar Program.

Faculty Scholars will be onboarded through the BWH Office for Sponsored Staff and Volunteer Services (OSSVS) for a one-year term. The process for appointment is outlined below.

Step 1. The faculty member contacts his or her Department Administrator (or Division Administrator, where applicable) email regarding email access and a new ID Badge.

Step 2. The faculty member’s request will be reviewed by the Department Administrator (or Division Administrator, where applicable), who will notify the faculty member if the request has been approved.

Step 3. The faculty member fills out and submits the following documents to his/her Department Administrator:
• A completed and signed POI Faculty Scholar Form and Confidentiality Agreement.
• A copy of a government-issued ID.

Step 4. The Department Administrator (or Division Administrator, where applicable) sends the completed forms and additional documents  for review to Crystal Owens in OSSVS.

Step 5. The form is reviewed and, if approved, the faculty member and his/her department are notified.

Step 6. OSSVS approves the new ID badge and access to email.

Step 7. The faculty member receives notice from OSSVS that his/her e-mail is activated and directions for picking up a new ID badge.

Step 8. The department works with the OSSVS on an annual basis to renew the status of the Faculty Scholar, as desired.

FAQ about the Faculty Scholar Program

Q:  I am already retired; can I apply for the Faculty Scholar Program?

Yes, if you have retired within the last 12 months, please follow the directions listed above.

Q: Once OSSVS approves my request, how do I obtain my access to username, password and ID badge? 

You will receive an e-mail from OSSVS stating that your access has been granted.  You should be able to log onto any Partners computer using user ID and password.  Your DA will also be cc’d on this e-mail.

In regards to the ID Badge, attached to the e-mail will be a two-page Access ID form.  Page 1 will have been filled out by OSSVS and will allow you to go to the parking office (located at 10 Vining Street) to obtain a new badge.  Page 2 of the ID Access Form pertains to swipe access to buildings and departments.  Your Department Administrator (or Division Administrator, where applicable) will determine whether you need to receive swipe access.  Your Department Administrator will fill out Page 2 of the ID Access form and return this to the Parking Office.

Q.   Where can I access a copy of the Scholar Observer form for faculty?

Forms are available at the bottom of the page. You will also need to attach a copy of a government-issued ID (driver’s license or passport) with your form, as well as the completed and signed copy of the Partners Confidentiality Agreement.

Q:   How will I know if my yearly access is approved?

OSSVS will notify your department.

Q: Who will be processing requests at OSSVS? 

For information about requests processing at OSSVS, please contact Crystal Owens.

Q:  I would like access to a BWH e-mail address after I retire. Who should I contact in regards to this matter?

Please contact your Department Administrator (or Division Administrator, where applicable).

Q: It’s great to have access to an e-mail address at BWH, but will I still retain my HMS appointment after I retire?

You do have the option of being granted a Corresponding Member of the Faculty appointment at Harvard Medical School (HMS).  You will need to request this in writing from your Department Administrator.  The current process is outlined below:

To obtain a Corresponding Member of the Faculty appointment at HMS, a retiring faculty member’s Department Head will need to request this renewable, one-year term appointment. Appointments are not automatic. Individuals who obtain a Corresponding Member of the Faculty appointment at HMS will have access to Countway Medical Library. Qualifications for an appointment include the following:

• The faculty member must be a retiring Assistant or Associate Professor (full Professors may be eligible for Emeritus/Emerita status).
• He or she must be over the age of 60.
• He or she must have contributed at least 10 years of active service as a faculty member at HMS.
• He or she must desire to maintain a limited, continued role at HMS following retirement.

In order to request an appointment, the faculty member’s Department Head should submit a brief (1-2 paragraphs) letter detailing the date of retirement and the nature of the ongoing activity, along with an updated eTad.  The letter should be addressed to HMS Dean George Q. Daley, but sent directly to the Office for Faculty Affairs at HMS: Office for Faculty Affairs Harvard Medical School / 25 Shattuck Street / Gordon Hall, Suite 206 / Boston, Massachusetts 02115. Phone: (617) 432-1540 / E-mail: / Fax: (617) 734-4382.

For all necessary application documents, click here.