Q. Is there a required budget format?

A. You are not required to use any specific format for the budget.  The budget should detail how the $30,000 award will be used (i.e. 10% salary support plus fringe accounts for $25,000 and materials x, y and z will cost $5,000).  Per the application instructions, include budget justification statement.

Q. How is the award money accessed?

A. The recipient’s department administrator or finance staff will use the award letter to set up an internal award fund through research management.   Once the fund has been set up, the money will be transferred to that fund.

Q. Does the applicant need to create an InfoEd profile to apply?

A. No.  InfoEd profiles are only required for external grant proposals processed through BWH Research Management.  The FCDA is an internal award.

Q. What is the difference between this award (BWH FCDA) and the HMS Shore Fellowship Awards?

A. The BWH FCDA is part of the Eleanor and Miles Shore 50th Anniversary for Scholars in Medicine.  There are two pathways to apply for a Shore fellowship.  Some of the awards are selected by an individual institution, department, division or center.  The BWH FCDA falls into this category.  The rest of the awards are selected by the HMS/HSDM committee.  More information on all of the Shore fellowships is available on their website.  BWH FCDA applicants are encouraged to apply for the HMS/HSDM awards, though faculty members may not receive more than one award per year.

Q. What is the overhead/IDC rate for this award?

A. This internal award will be subject to a 15% indirect cost rate.  IDC of up to $4,500 will be added on top of the direct costs.  Expenses should be made against the $30,000 direct costs awarded.  If equipment, animals, or other non-overhead bearing expenses are made against this fund, the remaining indirect cost funds will be returned to CFDD/BRI and should not be rebudgeted as direct costs.
More questions?  Email us at BWHCFDD@partners.org.