Our Pathway for Clinical Careers provides professional development and support for clinical faculty at Brigham and Women’s Health Care.  We provide programs and resources for practicing physicians whose academic area of excellence at HMS is recognized for clinical expertise and innovation.

The Pathway is part of the Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (CFDD) at Brigham and Women’s Health Care, which includes the Office for Multicultural Faculty Careers (OMC), the Office for Research Careers (ORC), the Office for Women’s Careers (OWC) and the Pathway for Educational Careers. The CFDD provides a comprehensive and coordinated approach to the recruitment, career advancement and professional development of all faculty and fellows at Brigham and Women’s Health Care.


Demystifying Promotions Seminar Series: This series is designed for faculty to gain knowledge about the academic promotions process at Harvard Medical School (HMS). Delivered in collaboration with the HMS Office for Faculty Affairs, the series provides participants with the resources and requirements for preparing faculty for promotion and developing their HMS CV and narratives; including the criteria, timing, principles and pathways for promotion at HMS.

Writing for Publication Series: Publishing is required for promotion yet finding the time to write and knowing where to start can be a problem for busy physicians.  This series of workshops led by Dr. Helen Shields focuses on successfully solving key issues that arise in the process of scientific writing, publication, and presenting others’ published work.

Insights for Investigators Series: This series from the Office for Research Careers is intended to provide investigators with insight and guidance on abstracts for submission to scientific meetings, the manuscript review process, grant writing strategies, and funding opportunities. Seminars are offered specifically for clinical researchers on both funding and publication. You can take a lot at the Writing Abstracts for Scientific Meetings slides from March of 2013, as presented by Julia Glowacki, PhD.

Clinical Process Improvement Leadership Program (CPIP): Partners Healthcare organizes this course, the aim of which is to facilitate the development of skills and competencies needed by clinical leaders and front-line health professionals across Partners to actively lead and participate in the clinical process improvement efforts required to meet this challenge.  Participants apply and attend the program in interdisciplinary teams, which are charged with addressing a clinical problem in their environment.  For more information on this course, please contact Victoria Carballo (vcarballo@partners.org).

Lean Practitioner: The Department of Quality and Safety offers the Lean Practitioner program, a four-month process improvement training program designed to teach leaders how to engage their staff in process improvement within their department/practice/unit.  Each leadership pair applies what they learn in the classroom to an improvement project.  The Performance Improvement team serves as faculty and team coaches.


CME Requirements & Opportunities for Clinicians: Includes information on risk management, palliative care requirements, and more.

Clinical Research Resources, Tools, and Opportunities

Brigham and Women’s Physicians Organization (BWPO) & Physicians Council: The BWPO serves as the strong and united voice of all BWH physicians. Physician-led and governed, the BWPO provides an infrastructure for the continued excellence and innovation in clinical care, medical education, and research.  It serves as the representative of BWH physicians to the Hospital, Partners Health Care System, and, in alliance with the Massachusetts General Physicians Organization, in negotiations with external payers. Visit their website for more info (only visible inside the Partners network)

Center for Professionalism and Peer Support: The Center’s mission is to encourage and support physicians and other healthcare professionals in providing the highest quality compassionate care for every patient. Programs include the Professionalism Initiative, Culturally Competent Leadership, Peer Support, Disclosure and Apology Coaching, and Physician Wellness.

HMS Center for Primary Care: This Center focuses on four program areas: education, innovation, community-building and leadership development, specifically for primary care providers.

CRICO: The patient safety and medical professional liability company owned by and serving the Harvard medical community. Visit their website for more information.  CRICO funds the HMS Fellowship in Patient Safety and Quality, a 2 year program to train a cadre of physician-scholars who are prepared to lead operational improvement efforts within the Harvard system and across the nation.  Partners Healthcare administers the fellowship.

Teaching for Quality (Te4Q): A new faculty development program developed by the AAMC that is designed to address an identified gap in the education of students, residents, and practicing clinicians in quality improvement and patient safety. Now available for medical schools and teaching hospitals nationwide, the Training for Quality (Te4Q) certificate program will prepare clinical faculty to effectively train both their peers and tomorrow’s doctors in quality improvement and patient safety. The program includes an onsite workshop, development of an educational project, and mentoring and online resources.

Selected Associations and Societies

Massachusetts Medical Society

American Medical Association

Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)