The Center for Faculty Development & Diversity’s Consultation Service offers BWH faculty and trainees the opportunity to receive a personalized consultation from faculty and/or senior staff possessing a range of expertise. Our faculty and administrative directors are available to provide guidance, identify resources or just listen. Common topics for consultations include:

  • Academic Promotion
  • Authorship and Intellectual Property
  • Career Progression
  • Conflict Management
  • CV/Resume Assistance
  • International/Cultural Transitions
  • Mentoring
  • Negotiations
  • Retirement Planning Resources
  • Training and Funding Opportunities
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Workplace/Lab Environment

In order to initiate a consultation, please complete our brief form describing your needs. A consultant whose area of expertise matches your interests will be identified and will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Request a Career Consultation here.

Confidentiality Disclaimer

CFDD consultants will honor any request for confidentiality during the consultation.  There are limited exceptions to maintaining confidentiality: 1) When the consultant determines there is an imminent risk of serious harm; or 2) when information may be required pursuant to a court order or other legal process.