Recognizing Brigham and Women’s commitment to the professional and academic development of our faculty community, hospital leadership is committed to ensuring all benefits eligible BWH faculty receive an annual career review.

What is a FAC Review? Who receives a FAC Review? Who gives a review?
The Faculty Annual Career Review (FAC-Review) is an opportunity for BWH employed, benefits eligible physicians and scientists to have an annual in-person meeting to discuss clinical or research performance, academic and professional achievements, short and long-term goals, and additional support needed to achieve career goals. Upon date of hire, each faculty member is designated a reviewer, which can be a division/department chief, lab director, principal investigator, or senior faculty.

The review is annual, but the conversation should not be.
It is important to note that while the annual review represents many facets of faculty life and is a well-informed discussion, it is not the only time in a year performance or career questions and concerns can be addressed. It is strongly encouraged that an ongoing, two-way relationship be established between reviewer and faculty.

This website is a resource for reviewers, faculty, and administrators; it provides information and tools to help make the annual review a meaningful and productive experience. Please click on the below links for additional information:

 Tips for a Successful FAC Review 2016

(This document is a resource to help make the annual review a meaningful and productive experience.)