In order to help automate the tracking of the annual reviews, BWH/BWPO is using a Partners custom-made PeopleSoft tool.

A Guide to Documenting the Annual Review in PeopleSoft

Download the guide here.

Differences between the PeopleSoft System and the Weekly Staff System

PeopleSoft is different from the weekly staff evaluation system in a number of ways; most importantly:

  • The Department Administrator will receive the reminder rather than the reviewer. Starting three months before the annual review due date, the Department Administrator will receive a monthly PeopleSoft reminder listing all faculty in the department with an upcoming review (a single reminder for all faculty associated with that department).
  • The Department Administrator should develop an internal process for notifying faculty and reviewer, and verifying completion of the review form and annual conference. In the 3-month phase (shorter or longer, depending on the department), faculty must complete the review form and have a one-on-one meeting with their reviewer.
  • The Finance Manager in each department is responsible for documenting in PeopleSoft that the review occurred. This can be done by accessing the Annual Career Conference link in PeopleSoft. For detailed instructions please see the manual.