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How do I document the annual review occurred?

In all departments, the Finance Manager of the HR tree is responsible for documenting in PeopleSoft that the annual review was completed. See the Reviewer and Administration page for instructions.

How is it different from privileging and credentialing (the OPPE/FPPE reviews)?

The FAC-Review is different from the credentialing reviews in many ways:

  • The Sponsor
    • FAC-Review: The CFDD and BWPO sponsored the implementation and standardization of the annual reviews and will also be auditing completion rate.
    • Credentialing: The Board of Registration of Medicine and JCAHO sponsor and audit the OPPE/FPPE reviews.
  • The Content
    • FAC-Review: The FAC-Review content provides a space for physicians to communicate their academic and career goals and satisfaction.
    • Credentialing: The credentialing review content is related to a physician’s granted privileges, and therefore measures performance related to those privileges. There can also components of the credentialing reviews that deal with a physician’s departmental “community” responsibilities. (Measures vary by department.)
  • The Timing
    • FAC-Review: Reviews occur annually for all faculty. Each department has chosen a unique date by which faculty will receive their review.
    • Credentialing: The OPPE review occurs on an ongoing basis (semiannually). The timing of the credentialing review is based on the birthday of the physician that is being reviewed. BWPO Provider Services administers the credentialing review quarterly and each physician whose birthday falls in the current quarter will receive an annual review. The second annual review occurs at the discretion of the department.