The Postdoc Policy was implemented in January 2010 and revised in June 2017. View the BWH Policies and Guidelines for Postdoctoral Fellows. View the BWH Postdoc Annual Career Review Form.

Employee Relations/Policy Questions:

Elizabete De Moura, HR Consultant/Business Partner: 617.582.0154

Employee Benefits Questions:

Elizabeth Triantos, BWPO Physician Benefits Program Manager: 617.732.4312

Benefits for BWH Research Fellows: See details about your BWH benefits package on the BWH Intranet.

BWH Policies and Guidelines for Postdoctoral Fellows: The ORC Advisory Committee developed this set of policies which address training and employment for postdoctoral fellows.

Medical Insurance through Harvard University Health Services: BWH postdoctoral fellows are considered “Affiliates” and are eligible for enrollment in the Harvard Student Health Plan, when they have a current appointment with the university, and when they are not eligible for employee benefits either through the university or BWH. For Postdoctoral Fellows, there is no limitation to the number of years that they may be enrolled in the Harvard Student Health Plan as long as they maintain a Harvard Appointment as a Postdoctoral Fellow through BWH. Enrollment is for a full semester (2/1/14-7/31/14 or 8/1/14-1/31/15) or full year (2/1/14-1/31/15) only, and plans are not pro-rated. In light of this, others have enrolled prospectively for the following semester, and have purchased some type of travel insurance or catastrophic insurance for the dates before their HUHS coverage goes into effect – which tends to be lower cost.

Garnett-Powers and Associates, Inc. offers a health insurance plan to postdocs who do not have access to health insurance. Garnett-Powers is a longtime supporter of National Postdoctoral Association (NPA).

Massachusetts Health Connector Plans: Massachusetts residents are eligible for medical insurance through the Massachusetts Health Connector.

Tuition Reimbursement: Read the policy, eligibility guidelines, course requirements, other details, and see the online application tutorial. Questions about a specific course are best directed to your supervisor and the BWH Tuition Reimbursement Coordinator at 617.582.0100 or

Work/Life Integration: Find about about childcare, parenting resources, older adult caregiving, family care travel support, and more.