The Office for Research Careers and the Postdoc Leadership Council are pleased to announce the new BWH Postdoc Association.  The Postdoc Leadership Council was established in 2009 to provide BWH postdocs with opportunities for involvement and advocacy, and now serve as the leadership and governing group for the BWH PDA. All BWH postdocs are invited to attend BWH PDA activites and events sponsored by the BWH ORC.

PLC members actively shape activities for postdocs at BWH in conjunction with the ORC, and provide feedback to the ORC on the needs of the postdoc community. Many of the PLC members have also served in various roles on other committees including the ORC Advisory Committee and the Brigham Research Institute’s Research Oversight Committee (ROC).

PLC Hosted Events and Activities

The PLC co-sponsors various networking and career-development events and programs. Please see the BWH Health Calendar for current listings under the Center for Faculty Development & Diversity.

PLC Involvement

If you would like to take a leadership role on behalf of the postdoc community, and have been a postdoc at BWH for at least one year, please consider joining the PLC.  We will add new members when postdocs move on in their careers or leave BWH.  If interested, please contact the ORC at for details regarding the role and responsibilities.

Current PLC Membership

Zafira Castano-Corsino, PhD
Benjamin Currall, PhD
Dennis Dean II, PhD
Tara Deelman, MD
Ulf Dettmer, PhD
Devaveena Dey, PhD
David Douda, PhD
Mohammad “Arif” Islam, PhD
Chantal Kuhn, PhD
Ahmed Kurdi, MD
Cecilia Martin, PhD
Mohanad Mossalam, PhD
Francesca Polverino, MD
Joerg Rottmann, PhD
Ho Pan “Andy” Sham, PhD
Leila Shokri, MD
Felipe Von Glehn Silva, PhD

PLC Annual Peer Mentor Award:

The ORC’s Annual Peer Mentor Award recognizes PLC members for leadership on the PLC, and commitment to enhancing the postdoctoral training experience of their peers.

2009 – Monideepa Roy, PhD
2010 – Karin Hellner, MD

2011 – Rolf Stottmann, PhD
2012 – Trevor Siggers, PhD
2013 – Nikos Patsopoulos, MD, PhD & Raji Edayathumangalam, PhD
2014 – Benjamin Currall, PhD & Marina Kvaskoff, PhD

Other Information:

Link to the Journal of Postdoctoral Research.

With approximately 120,000 postdocs worldwide, and approximately 90,000 working in the US alone, spread across 3,000 universities and research institutions, postdocs are a major force behind almost all major breakthroughs in many fields of research with their inherent creative and hardworking nature. Postdoc Journal aims to highlight this fact by providing an exclusive platform to showcase their contributions. The journal, chalked out to be a monthly publication and set to release on the 20th of each month with at least 10 papers to begin with, publishes research findings in ALL fields postdocs conduct research in. The journal accepts original research papers, reviews, perspectives, commentaries as well as research highlights. All submissions go through a conventional peer-review process before being accepted for publication. The general time-frame from submission to acceptance for review submissions has been less than 6 weeks, with a much smaller time-frame for perspectives, commentaries and research highlights. All submissions can be sent to or can be submitted online. Submissions should be accompanied by a cover letter and contacts of 3 to 5 referees, experts in your focus of research.

Link to the Journal of Progressive Science

Progressive Science is a new open access peer reviewed journal which covers all aspects of science in the areas of medicine, biology, chemistry and physics. The journal is divided into different categories: Commentary, Review, Brief Report, Research, Case Report and Technology & Methodology. All publication costs will be waived in 2014. After 2014, reviews and articles in the Technology & Methodology section will remain free of charge. Publication costs will apply for the other sections with the possibility for a waiver for the top 10%. Progressive Science encourages the active participation of postdoctoral fellows in the review and editorial process of the Technology & Methodology section under mentorship of other academic editors. Interested postdocs from all disciplines are welcome to apply.

Please visit the BWH’s PDA website for more information.