Representation & Committees

BWH Postdoc Association & Postdoc Leadership Council

The Postdoc Leadership Council (PLC) was established in 2009 to provide BWH postdocs with opportunities for involvement and advocacy. PLC members actively shape activities for postdocs at BWH in conjunction with the ORC, and provide feedback to the ORC on the needs of the postdoc community.  The PLC announced the formation of the BWH Postdoc Association (BWH PDA) on July 2013, and serves as the leadership body for the BWH PDA.

Postdoc Representatives to the ROC

The ROC was stablished to provide oversight to the BWH Biomedical Research Institute, there are two elected postdoc representatives who serve on the ROC.

There is an annual Call for Nominations for one postdoc representative, and one or more alternates to fill open member positions on the Research Oversight Committee (ROC).  There are two postdoc representatives positions on the committee to insure that postdoc concerns are represented and considered as policies and programs are developed. This is a great opportunity to get involved with the senior research leadership and strategic direction of the research agenda at BWH.


The Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s Brigham Research Institute (BRI) is governed by the ROC. The ROC is made up of department representatives, BRI Center and Program Co-Chairs, and the BRI Executive Committee. The ROC was established to foster transparency and accountability in the decision making process for the research enterprise and to plan new strategic initiatives. More information about the BRI, and the role of the ROC can be found here.


Postdocs will participate in discussions and promote the interests of the postdoc community within the BRI and report back to the postdoc community on items of interest. The postdoc representatives gain valuable experience and exposure to the oversight and management of a large research enterprise.


Both postdoc representatives are expected to attend every monthly ROC meeting (4th Thursdays 7:30-9:00 am) however, if both cannot attend due to schedule conflicts, the alternate should attend in their place and, at absolute minimum – one postdoc should attend every meeting. ROC members will also participate in monthly ORC Advisory Committee meetings.


Each postdoc representative should plan to serve a one year term on the ROC, and the alternate will step into the full member role when a full member has completed his or her term.  The terms of the two full members will be staggered, so as to provide for continuity.


A representative number of postdocs surveyed at the Research Advisory Committee and at other postdoc events, were in agreement with this process:

  • BWH postdocs will make nominations and will vote
  • The Office for Research Careers will facilitate this process via;
    – solicitation of nominees via email
    – collection of votes via anonymous web survey


BWH Postdocs may nominate themselves or their peers

  • Send email to
  • Limit of 2 nominees from each Postdoc
  • Please submit the following information for each nominee;
    – Full name and degree
    – Email address
    – PI and/or Laboratory name
    – BWH Department/Division names
    – A brief paragraph explaining why you or your nominee would like to serve on the ROC
    – A photograph of the nominee (approximately 2×2)

Time frame

There will be an annual call for nominations and vote.