Please see the below tips and instructions on hiring and managing your research staff:


Getting Started

See a full description of all steps to be taken for postdoc recruitment and hiring: Professional Staff On-Boarding Guidelines for Managers.  See the HR Research Toolbox for all procedures and forms.


Posting a Postdoc Position

If you would like to post a monthly paid postdoc position, you have two options:

1) Completion the “short” job requisition form, found on the HR website along with needed forms and instructions.  HR will post the position to the BWH website, where it is available to external and internal applicants.

2) Contact the ORC if you would like to post a position on our  postdoc jobs webpage and to our LinkedIn group.


Finding, Hiring and Managing Students in the Lab

Interviewing and Evaluating Applicants

Making a Postdoc Job Offer

Preparing for Postdoc Arrival

Managing Your Staff – Policies, Guidelines and Training Courses

Leading and Managing Your Research Program

Insuring the Quality, Safety and Integrity of Your Research

Recommendation Letters and References

Termination Guidelines and Postdoc Departure

Other Resources, Training and General Assistance

Contacts for assistance from HR regarding your monthly paid employees (postdocs):

Jan Goplerud, HR Manager, or 617 582-0125 (employee relations and policy questions)


Angela Carter, Benefits Specialist, or 617 724-9357 (on Tues, Weds, Thurs), 617 525-7637 (on Mon & Fri) (employee benefits questions)

The ORC can assist and will refer, as appropriate:  or 617 525-7646.