Our recently launched Narrative Medicine Initiative is designed to enhance physician wellness and cultivate narrative communication skills as a framework for care, helping medical providers to engage more empathetically and collaboratively with patients, colleagues and the broader medical community. This programming is envisioned to run in parallel with our Wellness Initiative.

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Initiative Goals

  • Refine the ability to interpret narrative across a range of genres (creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry) in a reflective manner that helps to clarify personal values and a sense of professional identity.
  • Develop the capacity to listen, read and write thoughtfully in order to discern patients’ unique narratives, so that these can be holistically incorporated into clinical care and translational research.
  • Recognize vulnerability (in the self and others), cultivate emotional equilibrium and foster self-awareness as crucial aspects of personal and professional well-being.
  • Learn about the personal and professional significance of storytelling as applicable to both clinical and research-oriented career pathways.
  • Gain an understanding of narrative medicine and reflective writing skills for pedagogical purposes within the setting of a teaching hospital.
  • Foster wellness and prevent physician burnout within the hospital community.

For inquiries about the Narrative Medicine Initiative and upcoming programming, please email BWHCFDD@partners.org