Mothers’ Rooms are available throughout the BWH and Longwood Medical Areas for working mothers who require a space to either breastfeed or express milk.  Here is a listing of rooms convenient to BWH and Harvard Medical School:

Rooms Maintained by BWH

  • Connors Center for Women, Room 958
  • Tower 4A, Room 14B and Room 4A (Open Days Only)
  • Shapiro Cardiovascular Center, 8th Floor, Room 08126
  • One Brigham Circle, 3rd Floor, BC-3-024
  • 900 Commonwealth Avenue

BWH Lactation Support Service

  • Rosemary Ryan, Pager 12121
  • Claire Cotes, Pager 31331
  • Gina Abbascia, Pager, 15620
  • Paula Oliveira, Pager, 39415

For more information and details on necessary equipment, please consult the Partners Mothers’ Corner program brochure.  This program also maintains rooms at MGH and other Partners satellite offices, locations for which are listed in the brochure.

Rooms Maintained by the HMS Office for Work and Family
  • Room G002, Gordon Hall, 25 Shattuck St.
  • Room 444, Tosteson MEC, 260 Longwood Avenue, HMS
  • Room 1C4, Harvard Institutes of Medicine (HIM)
  • Room 229, Department of Genetics, New Research Building (NRB), 77 Avenue Louis Pasteur
  • Room 104, Department of Global Health and Social Medicine, 641 Huntington Ave., HMS
  • Room 110B, 188 Longwood Avenue, HSDM
  • Room G11A, Ground Level, Kresge Building, 677 Huntington Ave.,  HSPH
  • Room 043A, 3rd Floor East, Landmark Center, 401 Park Drive, HSPH
  • Room G01, FXB Building, 651 Huntington Avenue, HSPH
  • 3rd Floor, 90 Smith Street, HSPH

For more information on these Mothers’ Rooms, please click here to visit the HMS website.