The Office for Research Careers (ORC) established the ORC Advisory Committee soon after its inception. The ORC Advisory Committee meets quarterly to provide oversight and direction to the ORC.  The Committee addresses the prioritization of ORC goals and progress.  Postdoc Representatives to the Research Oversight Committee (ROC) are also on the ORC Advisory Committee. Read more about the work of the ORC and the Advisory Committee here.

ORC Advisory Committee Members

Paul Anderson, MD, PhD
Rachael Clark, MD, PhD
Tara Deelman, MD
Devaveena Dey, PhD
Andriy Fedorov, PhD
Helaine Friedlander, MSW
Alexandria Gionfriddo
Patti Goldberger
Jan Goplerud
Francine Grodstein, ScD
Matthew LaVoie, PhD
Margaret McLaughlin-Drubin, PhD
Allison Moriarty, MPA
Mohanad Mossalam, PhD
Rob Kirsh
Olivia Okereke, MD
Caroline Owen, MD, PhD
Nikos Patsopoulos, MD, PhD
Tracy Young Pearse, PhD
Susan Redline, MD
Charles Serhan, PhD
Jacqueline Slavik, MMSC, PhD
Anu Swaminathan, PhD

Postdoc ROC Members

Tara Deelman, MD
Mohanad Mossalam, PhD